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Mission & Vision

To Provide Fastest, Safest & Most Advance Technology Based Home Automation to every Household Individual in India for Better Security & Safety. You can Easily Control, Manage & Secure All the home Lights & Normal/ Heavy Appliances without any interruption & in lower cost without changing current Electrical Lines.

What’s more? you’ll currently expertise all this luxury while not burning a hole in your pocket.!

17 Present State
60 Demo Rooms
3100 Smart Homes
50000 Booked Devices

Making Home automated is the innovative step in technology approaching more incorporated in people’s daily lives. If you are seeking for the best home automation installation service provider or for an expert to install home appliances, look no more than Smart Home.

What makes us special

About Us

Your house is your intimate possession and that we are here to assist you manage it higher. With Smart Home, you’ll currently management your electrical devices, Manage your home security and moderate your electrical consumption from anyplace within the world through our simple to use app on your smartphone.

Comprehensive Home Automation Model for Everyone

As a well-known provider of Smart Home Automation System providers in Mumbai, we aim at delivering highly flexible and reliable automation consulting offerings that can aid your particular business or home needs.

Technology Advancement Touches Every Corner

Life gets easy when your house technology is linked into one effortless consume system, it assists take away several of those every day little hassle. Our perfect smart home brings soothe your life more conveniently and your home secure, happier, and easy to get benefits.

Smart Approach with Assured Commitments

Our professionals are committed and dedicated to perfecting you, your wishes, and your place. They consequently create a design plan in sync with budget and choices and further than what you have expected! Once the setup is accomplished, you will start enjoying breathing the feeling of a secure home.