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Introduction to Pratham Smart Homes – A Smart Homes/Office Automation Company in Mumbai

As Technology Advancement in the new era of 21st Century, Everyday innovation is happening & We witness with lots technology around us. As we moved from telephone to smartphones. CRT TV to LED TV & many (More).

Every day we adapt new technology for better living & enhance our life for faster, smarter & secure ways. That why We want to provide best use of technology for smart home/Office Automation in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai Region.

Here the Brief Introduction about our company

Pratham Smart Homes is Home/Office Automation company is based from Mumbai to provide Services related Home automation & Office Automation, Commercial Spaces automation in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

Our Mission & Vision


To Provide Fastest, Safest & Most Advance Technology Based Home Automation to every Household Individual in Mumbai for Better Security & Safety. You can Easily Control, Manage & Secure All the home Appliances.


With New Technology to provide the best automation with enhanced, fastest & most secured system to customer with low cost.

We made our collaboration with Cubical Laboratories, Cubical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in November 2013, by the bright minds of IIT Guwahati, India. They are a Delhi based company. The primary vision of our founders is to provide high quality, reliable and affordable solution to control and security of your home with minimal human effort in the Indian market. Along with households, we are currently focusing on hotels, office spaces, and major housing developers as well.

Feature of Smart Home Product which are launched by Pratham Smart Homes is as follows

Retrofit – Solution that is designed for your existing homes backed by quick installation without any

reconstruction or rewiring required.

Affordable –  All of our products are designed and manufactured in India and our innovative approach to problem solving has made our solution highly affordable.

USER-FRIENDLY – We have kept the accessibility at the our product’s core. Both our products and user interface are exquisitely created to serve you.

SECURE – With our advanced security solutions you can check on your home anytime and make sure your loved ones are safe.

It’s Our immense pleasure to invite you to try a Demo & Then You Can decide Book a Smart Home Installation Process.

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