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Your house is your private belonging, and we are here to enable you to oversee it better. With Pratham Smart Home, you would now be able to control your electrical gadgets, Manage your home security and moderate your electrical utilization from anyplace on the planet through our simple to utilize application on your smartphone.

Smart Lighting

You can spare customized states of mind and set the ideal vibe for your home at whatever point you need with a flicker of an eye.


Control your lights from anywhere in the world and turn them on, off or dim them to set the lighting according to your mood.


Get the best ever seamless control to your fan’s speed through our app, voice and your conventional regulators at the same time.Our fan control comes with both capacitive and standard dimming that gives you smooth fan control unlike any other.


No need to pull hard-to-reach curtains with strings that get tangled up! Now control your curtains with just a tap or voice command and create a relaxed, comfortable and convenient living environment.


Control your infrared based appliances such as air conditioner, television and entertainment systems right from your smartphone! Cubical Aura helps mimicking the remotes on your Cubical smartphone application.


Making Home automated is the innovative step in technology approaching more incorporated in people’s daily lives. If you are seeking for the best home automation installation service provider or for an expert to install home appliances, look no more than Smart Home. When you employ our installation services to book a home automation expert, you will be booking an expert smart home automation professional, with all the essential experience and tackle to get the work right in time.